Street Light and Traffic Signal Maintenance

Street Light Maintenance

The City of Hoover does not install or otherwise maintain residential street lights.
For street light maintenance on residential streets within the city limits of Hoover, please obtain the light pole number and contact Alabama Power Company at 1-800-245-2244 with your maintenance concerns. Some Home Owner Associations (HOAs) maintain street lights within Association boundaries. Please contact your HOA or property manager to determine if this applies to your Association. 
The City of Hoover currently maintains street lights along the following major roadways:

  • Interstate Interchanges: I-65 at Valleydale Rd, I-65 at I-459 and I-459 at US Hwy 31
  • US Hwy 31 (from Riverchase Pkwy to Southland Drive)
  • AL Hwy 150 (from US Hwy 31 to Ross Bridge Pkwy)
  • Lorna Road
  • Learning Lane (from Stadium Trace Pkwy to Trace Crossings Elementary)
  • Galleria Boulevard
  • Jim Wilson Jr Parkway
  • Municipal Drive

Please contact Chris Reeves in the Hoover Engineering Dept at (205) 444-7896 to report problems with street lights on these major roadways.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

The City of Hoover also currently maintains a total of 102 signalized intersections located within Jefferson and Shelby Counties. Please contact Chris Reeves in theHoover Engineering Dept at (205) 444-7896 or use the RequestTracker work request system to report problems with Hoover traffic signals.