Public Works Department

We strive to offer the highest levels of customer service and professionalism in our daily duties. The responsibilities of the Public Works department encompasses a variety of areas. To serve and protect the health, safety and residents of Hoover as our main mission.

This is accomplished by providing effective management, construction, and maintenance of city-owned infrastructure and facilities.

Other Services

NOTICE: City Will Begin Mosquito Spraying in April

You may call Hoover Public Works at 205-444-7543 concerning any areas with standing water not on private property. Listed below are some helpful tips on how to reduce potential breeding sites for Mosquitoes in your yard.

  1. Dispose of unused containers that collect water such as old buckets, cans, bottles or jars.
  2. Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets, and keep drains and gutters unclogged so that water does not collect in these areas.
  3. Change the water and scrub the sides of bird baths, animal troughs and pet watering dishes at least once a week to eliminate mosquito eggs.
  4. Properly discard unused tires, make holes in them or store them in a covered area so that water cannot collect in them. Tires make excellent breeding sites.
  5. Turn wheelbarrows, tubs, children’s wading pools and boats upside down or store them under cover when not in use.
  6. Keep weeds, vines, hedges and grass trimmed since mosquitoes use these shady areas as resting places during hot daylight hours.
  7. Fill tree holes with sand or mortar so that water does not collect in them. These holes are a favorite breeding spot for the mosquito that carries LaCross encephalitis.
  8. Change water in vases and pots holding flowers or cuttings twice weekly.
  9. Fill in holes or depressions in your yard where water tends to collect.
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