Recycling Collection

Recycling Collection takes place on the SECOND collection of the week.

  • This will be a “mixed stream” – everything collected that day will be transported to RePower South and sorted to separate recyclables from waste. While both pickups allow for the removal of waste, only the SECOND DAY (Thursday, Friday or Saturday) will be sorted to extract recyclables
  • NO bags outside of the carts will be picked up on the second pickup of the week. Residents who want to participate in the recycling process are encouraged to retain recyclables until the second collection day each week. 
  • No need to sort/clean recyclables – RePower South accepts bagged recycling and household waste co-mingled. Because RePowerSouth extracts recyclable materials, the City does not maintain a list of recyclable items. For the latest information on recyclable materials, please visit
  • For more information about this state-of-the-art facility, please visit

Recycle Postcard/Acceptable and Non-Acceptable items