Zoning Information

Visit our GIS Services site to determine the zoning designation for a specific property. For questions concerning any zoning district, please contact the City Planner at 205-444-7648 or email zoning@hooveralabama.gov.

General Zoning Information

The fundamental purpose of zoning is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare; to provide for the orderly development and growth of Hoover; to avoid congestion on the public roads and streets; to conserve life, property and natural resources and the expenditure of funds for public improvements and services to conform with the most advantageous uses of land, resources and properties, for the general good and benefit to the people of Hoover.

For the purpose herein before stated, the City of Hoover is divided into districts of such number, shape and area, and of such common unity of purpose, adaptability or use, which are deemed most suitable to provide for the best, general civic use, protect the common rights and interests within each district, preserve the general rights, and interests of all; and by further regulations to limit the location, uses and occupancy of buildings, structures and land to be used for trade, industry, residence or other structures, including the ratio of lot occupancy and coverage, street setback lines, sizes of yards, and other open spaces.

In order to classify, regulate, and restrict the location of buildings designed for specific uses, to regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings hereafter erected or structurally altered, to regulate and limit the intensity of the use of the land area, and to regulate and determine the areas of open spaces within and surrounding such buildings, the City of Hoover, Alabama, is divided into the following districts:

  • A-1 Agriculture District
  • Residential Districts
    • E-1 Estate District
    • E-2 Estate District
    • R-1 Single-Family Residential District
    • R-2 Single-Family Residential District
    • R-3 Two-Family Residential District
    • R-4 Multifamily District
    • R-T-4 Townhouse District
    • PRD Planned Residential Development District
    • R-E Residential Equestrian District
    • R-LSF Legacy Single Family Residential
  • Commercial Districts
    • C-P Preferred Commercial District
    • C-1 Neighborhood Shopping District
    • C-2 Community Business District
    • C-3 General Business District
    • C-4 Commercial District
  • 1-1 Light Industrial District
  • MXD Mixed Use District
  • SPU Special Use District
  • PDD Planned Development District
  • PUD Planned Unit Development Districts
    • PR-1 Planned Single Family Residential
    • PR-2 Planned Multifamily Residential
    • PO Planned Office
    • PC Planned Commercial
    • PI Planned Industrial